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Accessories Set

Our Chef’s Knife, Cut & Serve Board, Utensils, three prep bowls with lids, measuring cups and spoons, and colander. Chef’s Knife: full-tang German steel stays sharper, longer Cut & Serve Board: double-sided for prep and presentation Utensils: 5 pieces that lay-flat for snagless drawer storage Prep bowls: 3 non-stick bowls with lids for easy storage Measuring set: precise and durable

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The Slickest Pan on Earth

Our secret is ceramic, not teflon. It's quick to heat, naturally non-stick, and keeps your food free of chemicals. It cuts cleanup time in half, too.

Never Burn the Pan Again

The base of your pan is engineered with our custom quick-heat technology to help you achieve a fast, even sear without the mess.